Branching Out . . . Poetry

MY FAVORITE POEM is Hope, by Emily Dickinson, because I love birds & what they represent. As a reader, I’m drawn to the underdog: the self-conscious, anxious, depressed, lonely, grieving, misunderstood or insecure character who struggles in life; the one who has a hard time learning how to communicate & connect with others; the person who struggles with prejudice or in tough situations. When things seem their worst, we all need hope for a better future & a better world.12 25 08-5 22 09-09212 25 08-5 22 09-085 (2)


Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul –

And sings the tune without words

And never stops – at all.



And here’s a poem of mine:446


Dig your toes in cool, wet sand

Waves wash in and set them free

Castles rise in a shifting land

Soaring over a restless sea


Showing his kind, creative spirit, my son wrote this poem on his service trip to Jamaica with the Mustard Seed Organization. ( ) :

Simplicity059 (2) - Copy

by Brendan Tobin, April 2014

 The simplest things in life do not have to be big

they can be a smile, or a laugh

maybe even a tear of joy.

Someone can help someone else, or give money.074


In the moment, it’s the thought

that counts.

Immersed within the Jamaican community,

you see diverse groups of people,

Ones who can speak and others who cannot.

Some might be tied down, while others are free

But when they are with us,

they have a smile.


Laughing, smiling, 110and playing together

Everyone making it better at the end of the day-

and we say good-bye.

They come over and give us hugs, not letting go,

and always making it last

even in the silence of solitude.


Here’s a recent one of mine created from that deep, sad place of mourning for & missing my son:

A ‘broken heart’ is not a simple metaphor12 25 08-5 22 09-066

or easy fix to mend with good intent.

Grief widens cracks then pressure builds as rivers pour

through holes we cannot readily cement.

We all have poetry in our souls, so keep writing, hoping, & dreaming, and work to make your dreams come true!  Writing poetry will also help you write better novels, finding more emotional connections in your images. You’ll find some of your poem can also make great song lyrics.