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WILLOW RISING           

          On Green Earth, pet time crickets chirp the hours, human-sized Bird Elves morph wings to fly, and mouse-sized Flower Pixies play tricks. Centaurs teach poetry and martial arts, while human-sized Faeries have mood wings.  Shy, half-Dryad Willow, thirteen, talks to trees, performs some Faer-Earthen spells, writes music, sings, spends time with her friends and talks to her tree friend Green Sister–but sometimes feels like she can’t do anything right. In three moon months, she must choose her calling/major subject of study. She definitely won’t choose anything dangerous; not even her funny, daring friend Finch can talk her into going sky-surfing with him on his air-board. But when a rare Faer-Earthen Gift takes her by surprise, dangers abound. Some adventures make her want to return her ‘gift’ for a full refund.  

Worse, the criminal Night Alchemist organization recruits those with gifts: with or without their consent. Willow and her friends suspect the new local apothecary is up to more than mixing medicines and may be a Night Alchemist spy. A thorny tangle of secrets threatens her friends, school, and an entire forest–even the reclusive Wood Goblins who call it home. If Willow can’t overcome her own fears and self-doubts, she will never find what she really needs to fight the darkness in the wood: the lightness in her loving, determined heart.

Willow plays guitar. She also wants to learn to play the lute because it’s more unusual– CURIOUS ABOUT LUTE MUSIC?

Listen to “Uncharted Waters,” an original lute tune composed and performed by Ronn McFarlane from the CD Indigo Road, Dorian Sono Luminus Recordings DSL 90701

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