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Worlds Away: Creating Fantasies Loyal Readers Love

Whether contemporary, historical, alternate or parallel worlds, steam-punk, time travel, magical realism, or something completely new, fantasies conjure ultimate dream-scapes. Readers love them so much, they re-read original novels, buy sequels, stand in line for autographs, create fan-art, write fan-fiction, & create fan websites. Fantasies inspire movies, beautiful paintings & illustrations. DiscWorld site-including merchandise/art  Pottermore: Harry’s Potter’s world-news/shop/features How […]

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Starry Nights, Star-Crossed Lives, & Optimism in the Face of Overwhelming Grief

Literature and the arts are filled with references to stars and fate. Vincent Van Gogh painted nights blazing with stars. On cloudless nights, stars light our skies, symbolizing beauty, hope–and tragedy. Are we doomed to be star-crossed or are stars our guides? I like to think stars simply symbolize hope when all seems lost.  Grief […]

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Things of Beauty: Embracing Trees, Leaves, and English Romantic Poet John Keats

     If we’re lucky, we live in the embrace of trees: in nearby forests, parks, backyards, gardens, landscapes, and dreamscapes.     When young, I drew them, climbed them, and looked for bugs, birds, and tiny creatures among their branches. Their lush greenery still shades me on dreamy days of reading and picnics.     Summer lures […]

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Inspirational Quote – Forests

I hear the wind among the treesPlaying the celestial symphonies;I see the branches downward bent,Like keys of some great instrument.~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Walking in Winter Wonderlands . . .

 When frosted windows, frigid air, and a flurry of snowflakes signal winter, I want to hibernate– Drink tea, read, and write by a cozy fire.But the more I hibernate, the more restless I get. A card on my bulletin board quotes Franz Kafka:  ‘You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table […]

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Ode to Autumn, Country Fairs, and Charlotte’s Web

Each October, I visit the Topsfield Fair. Fairs are wondrous, tying us in with traditions and our agricultural roots. Adorable bunnies, cavies (guinea pigs), chicks, sheep, piglets, and dignified llamas, cows, and horses abound. We cheer on the pig races, ride the ferris wheel, admire the prize-winning pumpkin, and visit the cozy bee building with its hives, candle-making, and honey. Our […]

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